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Productisation and service design

The basic idea of ​​productisation is to develop a new product or service to meet the needs of customers so that it is as competitive as possible in the market.

Systematic productisation reduces the risk of failure. Productisation is needed both from the customer’s and the seller’s point of view. A well-producted product or service is easy to buy, easy to sell and easy to produce. At its best, productisation leads to efficient use of resources, superior product or service features and the desired customer experience.

Service design means innovation, development and design of services with different design methods.

The central goal of service design is the user-oriented design of the service experience so that the service meets the needs of both the users and the business objectives of the service provider. The key to customer service experience in service design is the service contact points, service classes and service paths that are developed into multistory design.

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