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Intellectual Property Rights

Identifying and managing intellectual property rights, ie intellectual property rights, are basic prerequisites for planning your own know-how or business idea commercialization.

Rights Ownership determines who can use the rights. There are a number of different ways of protecting intangible rights that can be combined to provide versatile and strong protection.

However, protecting your own rights requires systematic, active and small capital. The exploitation of the right can create new business, licensing, sales or use of the research background material.

Intellectual property rights can be divided into copyright and industrial property rights. Copyright protects works created as a result of intellectual work, such as text, drawings, and photographs. Copyright in the work is generated automatically and does not need to be applied for separately from the National Board of Patents and Registration.

You must apply for industrial property protection separately. Industrial protection forms

  • patent (new invention or technical solution)
  • trademark (separation of product or service from others, such as name, logo, or a combination of these)
  • utility model (a technical solution that is registered without a new study)
  • design right (protection of the concrete object design)

In addition to intellectual property rights, there are other intangible assets that are closely related to the protection of the business. The company name and domain name are very close to the trademark even though they are not part of the actual intellectual property rights. Business secrets may be the subject of a separate agreement.

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