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SeAMK Lift Funding

Do you seek funding for your idea?

SeAMK Lift -funding is intended for the students and personnel of SeAMK to promote their own ideas. Apply for funding with a free-form application. You can receive up to 500 euros of development money that will be available to you for 8 months.

You can apply SeAMK Lift -funding (max. 500 €) for promoting your idea.
The funding can be searched for with an informal application:

  • Name of the idea and a short description (max. 3000 characters)
  • Contact information (name, e-mail and telephone number)
  • Possible appendices
  • Email a description of the idea to: lift(a) The application period is continuous.

Who can participate?

SeAMK’s students or staff can participate.

What kind of idea can you contribute?

The idea can be, for example, a new product, service, application or business model. However, development should not take place for the benefit of an already existing enterprise.

What funding can be used for?

The applicant can be granted up to 500 €, of development funds, which is available for 8 months. The applicant proposes various purchases (components, travel tickets, printing costs, etc.) that SeAMK approves.  The fund is not paid directly to the applicant’s account. At the end of the period, any acquired equipment will be returned to SeAMK.

What funding cannot be used for?

Funding cannot be used for own wage costs or for hiring consultants and other experts. If it is discovered that the original idea does not work, the team can use the remaining funding to develop another innovative idea. SeAMK has the right to suspend or stop the procurement if the team’s development work is not appropriate.

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