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Y-Zone Business Hub

In a company installation, you can develop your own business idea while completing your degree. If you are already an entrepreneur, you can develop your current business. Students can apply for a corporate installation from all SeAMK degree programs. By joining SeAMK’s Corporate Installation, you can combine business idea and company development with your studies and at the same time accumulate credits.

The operations of Enterprisestall are based on personal and group activities as well as courses promoting entrepreneurship. You can enter into a company-style contract already in your ideal phase or join a company that has already been established. Courses and training events outside SeAMK may also be included in company installation studies. Over 100 companies have been set up through the company installation!

Entrepreneurship Studies in Enterprise Installation:

  • Business ideas flight training 2 ECTS (with Into Seinäjoki)
  • Grow Up Students, Growth Business Contest 3 cr
  • Camp Noste, Accelerator 3 cr
  • Thesis for own company or business idea 15 cr
  • Training for your company max. 30 cr

Other possibilities (varying by academic year) eg.

  • Creality Race (business case competition, Tampere) 2 cr

Corporate installers have the opportunity to do courses and exercises in other courses related to the subject of their company. Always check with the course instructor. Opportunity for personal sparring sessions. The time should be reserved from Elina Ojala.

Further Information

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Elina Ojala

Cooperative coordinator