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SeAMKPro studies consist of five-credit projects with authentic assignments from work life. Each multi-disciplinary project team consists of approx. five members. A student has the opportunity to take 1 – 5 SeAMKPro projects (5 – 25 cr) during studies.

SeAMKPro projects will be arranged in each period during the academic year. Usually, a minimum of five projects from various fields are offered. Before the project starts, the personal skills of the project group members and the language of the project will be defined.

Eligible for SeAMKPro studies are all degree students of SeAMK, who have passed the courses Introduction to Project Work (3 cr) and SeAMK Innovation Week (2 cr) in the basic studies. Attendance at the course SeAMK Innovation Week is not expected from students who have started their studies before autumn 2017.

A SeAMKPro project professional diploma will be awarded to students who have taken a minimum of 23 credits multidisciplinary projects during their studies.

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