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SeAMK Projektipaja® – Project Workshop

Project Workshop is an active learning concept at School of Technology. The project-based learning combines theory with practice. The students in multi-disciplinary teams carry out projects of companies supervised by teachers and company staff. The students are learning and practicing not only engineering skills but also project skills, entrepreneurship and principles of R&D activities. The students will become familiar with the company.

Every year approximately 100 students participate in about 20 projects in the Project Workshop.

In the projects, the learning objective is also to increase the knowledge of the general rules of the working life. Every year some of the graduated students get a job in a company that they worked with in the Project Workshop.

The Project Workshop was developed and tested in 2007-2009 and it was funded by the Federation of Finnish Technology Industry.

SeAMK Projektipaja® has received national rewards:

  • Development of working life orientation 2009 – The Finnish Confederation of Professionals and the Rectors’ Conference of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences
  • One of the best engineer education systems 2010 – INSSI Forum of Finnish UASs
  • Technology rewards of the city of Seinäjoki 2011 Alfred Kordelin foundation
  • The Federation of Finnish Technology Industry rewarded the students of Projektipaja in 2012. Modelling and benchmarking of the company network the project got a reward of 1000 euros.

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