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SeAMK Cooperative

SeAMK Osuuskunta.

Try light entrepreneurship!

Do you want to sell your skills or products and earn extra income? Do you deed a platform to try and develop your business idea? At SeAMK Cooperative, this is possible!

In the autumn of 2020, an educational cooperative was established at SeAMK. At SeAMK Cooperative, staff and students in degree programs have the opportunity to develop their business idea and try out light entrepreneurship, for example by selling and invoicing their products and know-how through the cooperative. The home base of SeAMK Cooperative is at Y-Zone/Frami F.

In SeAMK Cooperative you will learn:

  • Workskills and entrepreneurial skills.
  • The administrative side of entrepreneurship.
  • If you serve as a cooperative board member, you will learn about board work.
  • In addition, you may be able to earn credits.

In SeAMK Cooperative:

  • You operate under the cooperative’s Business ID.
  • You get billing services
  • You get accounting, insurance and expert services.
  • You get peer support.
  • You will make discoveries by the coffee cup.
  • You will receive a certificate.
  • Contribution fee is 20€ (refundable upon graduation).

Further information and a membership application can be obtained from the cooperative coordinator Elina Ojala or from the handbook on SeAMK intranet (in Finnish, only for SeAMK’s students and staff).

Check also Teams: SeAMK Osuuskunta I Cooperative

Be brave and join!

SeAMK Cooperative was established as part of the New Knowledge Interface project.

Further Information

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Elina Ojala

Cooperative coordinator