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Seinäjoki Entrepreneurship Society - SeiES ry

Seinäjoki Entrepreneurship Society, or SeiES for short, was established 3.4.2017. It is a multidisciplinary non-profit association for students of higher education in the area of South Ostrobothnia.

SeiES wants to inspire students to become entrepreneurs and help develop their entrepreneurial mindset. The students can get contacts and skills which benefit their future career – whether it is as an entrepreneur or employee.

It is SeiES’ vision to offer a platform for dreams, innovations and self-development. Therefore, SeiES works in co-operation with local companies and organizations to inspire, support and encourage students for entrepreneurial mindset and developing skills needed in entrepreneurship and working life.

SeiES creates a positive attitude towards entrepreneurship and most importantly, be the place where you can be international, entrepreneurial and innovative.

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