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Mentor and alumni networks

Would you like to have a sparring partner to develop your entrepreneurial and business ideas?

For whom is the mentoring meant?

  • For the students of Y-zone Business HUB
  • For the students of SeAMK Cooperative who are trying entrepreneurship
  • For students attending the Liikeideat lentoon training
  • For the students at the SeAMK Successor School

What do you get from this as a mentored student?

  • Voluntary sparring for the development of your business idea
  • New perspectives
  • A reliable interlocutor

What do you get from this as a mentor?

  • An interested interlocutor
  • An opportunity to hear what kinds of entrepreneurial ideas students have
  • You can expand your network
  • New perspectives to add to your competencies

Other important things about mentoring

  • The mentoring can extend over the spring or autumn semester and include a maximum of four meetings of 1.5 hours.
  • A premise for successful mentoring is that the mentee knows how to listen and discuss, takes notes, gains insights and puts at least some of what he/she has learned into practice.
  • The mentor is not responsible for the decisions made by the student, but the student makes the decisions themselves and is responsible for them.
  • The mentoring is voluntary and is not paid for.
  • The meetings can be freely booked, e.g., at the café, Y-Zone or on other SeAMK premises, Teams, at the mentor’s workplace, etc.
  • An agreement including secrecy obligation is made on the mentoring
  • The contact persons of SeAMK Y-Zone look for a mentor among SeAMK’s entrepreneur alumni. So far, more than ten mentors have expressed their willingness.

Further information: Y-Zone Business Hub and SeAMK Cooperative students Liikeideat lentoon training students


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