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GrowUp Students

GrowUp Students is a growth competition and coaching process for business ideas, start-ups, or start-ups for university students. The competition is an excellent springboard for moving the idea forward.

The student participating in the competition receives personal guidance from experts on the clarification, development and measurement of the business idea and business. Sparrails help students take their business ideas forward and develop their ideas up to the company.

There are four different themes in the competition: 1) Business Idea 2) Sales and Marketing 3) Pricing and Networks 4) Pitchus. Before the competition, the student participates in a pre-coaching session on all the themes of the competition. The student develops his / her own idea or company according to the themes throughout the coaching and competition process.

The purpose of the competition is to encourage and support students’ entrepreneurial ambitions. The two best business ideas and the two best companies will be rewarded with the most significant cash prizes. Ideas or companies are assessed on the basis of feasibility, functionality, potential, novelty value, extensibility and student input.

The competition is organized by a number of different actors with strong expertise in entrepreneurship and business. Second year students also have the opportunity to take part in the competition as an assistant. The competition is held every fall.

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